Best Full Auto Paintball Guns (2022 Guide)

If you want to play paintball in the most efficient way, one of the best choices is the best full auto paintball guns. These guns use less ammunition than single-shot markers and can keep your opponents pinned down. These guns are equipped with an air compressor, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your shots.

The fully automatic paintball guns can be a great option for beginners. These lightweight models have automatic modes that adjust speed and aim. They also do not chop off paint, and they’re easy to clean – unlike the Mini GS, which requires you to remove the entire frame to clean. This allows you to keep your kids safe while they’re playing.

1. Empire Ax 2.0 Automatic Paintball Gun

The Empire Ax 2.0 Automatic Paintball Gun is a highly accurate and affordable gas marker that’s very easy to use. The gun features a two-piece barrel and is made of durable aluminum steel. Its accuracy and range are outstanding, and it can shoot up to 23 balls per second in fully automatic mode. It’s also very easy to adjust, thanks to its Shockwave software.

The Empire Axe 2.0 is 10% lighter than its predecessor. It also has a smaller ASA and anti-choke eye system. Other features of this paintball gun include an electronic operation, a two-piece barrel kit, and a low-pressure operation. Compared to the Mini GS, the Empire Axe 2.0 offers smooth operation and multiple firing modes.

tag, the Tippmann TMC is a great choice for players who want a good all-around paintball gun.

2. Valken M17 Automatic Paintball Marker

The Valken M17 Automatic Paintball Marker is a versatile paintball gun that comes with an 18-round magazine. The gun also features an adjustable buttstock, CQC shroud, quad Picatinny rail, and a pressure-release valve. The Valken M17 can fire paintballs with a smooth trajectory, which helps to ensure accuracy.

The Valken M17 automatic paintball marker is a versatile and lightweight paintball gun. Its polymer and corrosion-resistant aluminum construction ensure durability and reliability. It also has removable parts that can be easily replaced if needed. 

3. Tippmann Cronus Epic Paintball Gun

If you are considering purchasing a full auto paintball gun, the Tippmann Cronus Tactical is an excellent choice. It is a high-performance paintball marker with an inline bolt system and molded rubber grips. It also features an internal gas line and four Picatinny rails for enhanced performance.

The Cronus is a very popular entry-level Tippmann model with many great features for beginners and intermediate players. Its compact size makes it comfortable and easy to handle.

4. Kingman Spyder Fenix .68 Cal

The Kingman Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Gun is a fast shooting and reliable electronic paintball marker. The Spyder Fenix utilizes a classic stacked tube blowback design that is both dependable and gas efficient.

The top cocking quick strip bolt and tool-free rear plug allows the player to do most basic maintenance in under 5 minutes. The electronic trigger allows for a fast rate of fire, with anti chop eyes preventing the marker from firing until a paintball is fully chambered, reducing ball chop.

5. Maddog Empire Mini GS Electronic Full Auto Paintball Gun Marker

Empire’s MINI GS .68 Caliber Electronic Paintball Marker with Maddog’s HPA Starter Kit. Empire Paintball’s new Mini GS Paintball Gun Marker is the next generation of the legendary Invert Mini! Ergonomically designed, Hoseless, Eyes, Clamping Feedneck, and proven Mini performance exceeds all expectations. The Mini GS is the result of years of refinement, improving the already proven game-winning design’s handling and user-friendly maintenance.

The team at Empire has taken the proven Mini marker platform and designed and developed it to be even better. In addition to the battle-proven Mini engine the GS includes a full wrap-around rubber foregrip that creates a secure grip and protection from paint and the elements.

6. Azodin Blitz 4 Paintball Gun

The Blitz4 is a more focused marker than its predecessor and promises an unrivaled experience. With a improve compact regulator can do fine tuning and screw-lock feedneck that meshes with its aggressive milling. The Blitz4 is a union of form and function that is better in every measure.

7. Azodin KAOS 3 Paintball Gun

The Kaos3 is a modern rendition of Azodin’s signature Kaos Series. It is more sleek and ergonomic in comparison to its predecessor and maintains the durability and simplicity users have come to expect. Its receiver has been streamlined making it lighter and thus offers better acuity when sighting potential targets.

Along with the 45 degree gas-thru grip, which offers improved handling during firefights, the Kaos3 also features Azodin’s latest parts which include a nylon M-Grip frame assembly and the compact regulator can do fine tuning, the screw-lock feedneck, the new slim dovetail ASA, and a 12” multiphase honed barrel. The Kaos3 combines modern aesthetics with proven reliability.

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