Can You Ship a Paintball Gun In the Mail? Know the Facts

When it comes to shipping a paintball marker, you may have some questions if you’ve never done it before. The United States has many different rules when it comes to shipping, according to the state you currently live in.

Firearms of all types are generally not allowed to be shipped without some special instruction, so if you are going to ship a paintball marker, it needs to be distinctive. According to the ATF, paintball markers are not considered firearms because of the compressed air component.

In some states like California, paintball markers are considered to be imitation firearms.

Generally speaking, Paintball markers are completely safe to ship via the mail. However, shipping a paintball gun does come with some conditions.

According the the USPS, 

“c. Air guns that do not fall within the definition of firearm under 12.1.1a that are capable of being concealed on a person are mailable; but must include adult signa­ture service under 503.8.0. Mailers must comply with all applicable state and local regulations.”

So how can I ship a paintball marker through the mail?

If you’re ordering a paintball gun from an online retailer, you can rest assured knowing your package will get to you. These brands and sellers on amazon know how to handle a paintball gun shipment.

If you are attempting to ship a paintball marker yourself, you should always refer to a paintball gun as a paintball marker. After all, even though a paintball gun looks like a gun, it is a paint marker. 

So if you are shipping a paintball gun through the mail, always stay away from using the word “gun”

You will also want to make sure that you request signature confirmation for your shipment. This essentially means that your recipient will have to sign for this package.

Lastly, you do not want to ship your paintball marker with the air tank attached to it. Please do not leave your air tank attached to your marker because this will be considered hazardous. You may also want to full disassemble the marker (barrel, hopper etc) 

To sum things up, yes, you can ship a paintball gun legally. You can also use domestic shipping services like Fedex and UPS

Read the full policy of the United States Postal Service (USPS).

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