How to Properly Clean a Paintball Gun

When it comes to paintball, your paintball gun or marker should be properly maintained. Having clean, maintained and properly oiled gun is key for optimal performance of your paintball gun on the field.

If you want to give your paintball marker a long life, you should clean it after every use. Markers generally perform well when they are cleaned and chances are, you cannot clean a marker during a paintball battle.

Why is it important to clean your paintball gun?

So lets start off with the most obvious reason. A paintball gun essentially rockets balls down a small and narrow tube. If that tube is filled with gunk and excess paint, chances are your paintballs will not shoot straight.

Aside from not shooting straight, you risk the chance of the ball not going far or just exploding upon exit.

After a few games, your barrel will build up excess dirt and gunk, in which you will need to remove.

Thankfully, paintball guns are easily disassembled and cleaning is pretty straightforward.

What do i need to properly clean my marker?

The 3 things you will need are:

  1. Allen keys (Included with your paintball guns)
  2. Squeegee or barrel swab
  3. Microfiber rag
  4. Paintball gun oil

Follow these Steps

  1. Make sure your tank is off the gun. Before disconnecting tank from gun, fire off a few shots into a safe target to make sure there’s no paint left inside your barrel. Important: Do not shoot your paintball gun indoors.
  2. Unscrew your barrel. This can be done easily by just twisting the barrel. Remove the firing bolt by pulling up and straight out the back of the gun.
  3. If your gun has a velocity adjustor, go ahead and unscrew it. Make sure to keep loose springs in their correct position for assembly later.
  1. Once your gun is apart, take your swab and run it a few times through the body. If you do not have a swab, you can simply use a paper towel. The reason we clean this is to ensure smooth operation of the firing bolt.
  2. Next is to wipe down your firing bolt and velocity adjuster.
  3. Apply a small amount of gun oil onto the O-rings of the firing bolt and adjuster. Also apply a small amount of oil onto the firing bolt itself. This will make sure your firing bolt glides into the body smoothly.
  1. The next step is basically running your swab through your barrel a few times. Push in and out while twisting. This will remove anything left from the game before.
  1. Lastly, you must assemble the gun starting with your velocity adjuster, firing bolt and barrel.

Just like that, you are ready for war again.

It is important to clean and service your gun after every use or even twice a month.

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