Military Style Paintball: The Best AR Style Paintball Markers

AR Style Paintball Markers are a great way to get a realistic feel for the game. These guns are designed to mimic real-world weapons and can be a great addition to any army training or scenario paintball game. Some even feature accessories that help improve marksmanship and accuracy.

The type of game you play will affect the type of paintball marker you buy. A pro circuit player may focus on one style of play, while a casual player might want a marker that works well on multiple fields. The most important considerations to consider when purchasing a paintball marker are accuracy and power. AR Style markers are generally used in Mag-fed style games but they can be used for slow-paced style woodsball.

AR (Assault Rifle) paintball gun are a versatile and affordable choice for paintball games. They have different features, but most of them are built to last. They are available in either a mechanical or electronic model. The mechanical version has a piston system. The internals is very similar to those found on semi-automatic rifles.

There are many different brands of AR-style paintball markers on the market today. These guns have many advantages over the competition and can be an excellent choice for players looking for a new paintball gun. Here, we look at a few great markers from Tippmann, Velken and First Strike.

1. Tippmann Stormer Elite .68

The new Tippmann Stormer ELITE DUAL FED tactical paintball gun is a completely modular .68 caliber paintball marker for all levels of play. The Tippmann Stormer ELITE allows you to switch between loader and mag fed configurations for the best of both worlds!

Built with Tippmann’s reliable in-line bolt system in a high-impact composite body; this marker combines high performance with incredible durability. Tippmann’s Stormer ELITE DUAL FED tactical paintball gun is equipped with milsim accessories for a complete military look and features multiple picatinny rails for full customization. Entry Level paintballers to seasoned vets, Tippmann’s Stormer offers versatile tactical styling, low maintenance, and reliability. 

Dominate the field, woodsball, recreation, etc. Perfect for scenario gameplay, paintballing with friends, etc. Add it to the list of Tippmann’s long line of world renowned benchmark paintball markers: A-5, 98, Cronus, TMC, Etc.


#1 AR Style paintball marker

2. Maddog Tippmann Cronus Tactical

The TIPPMANN cronus base combines high performance with incredible durability in a Milsim body. The cronus features our reliable in-line bolt system in a high-impact composite body with soft over molded rubber grips. This marker is easily modified & features four Picatinny rails to mount an assortment of accessories.

#2 AR Style paintball marker

3. Valken M17 (Mag-Fed)

The  paintball marker operates on a patented mechanical blow-forward system. This provides easy maintenance, improved reliability, and consistent velocity. It also features a two-finger trigger and is 15% lighter than its predecessor. It offers full auto and mechanical semi-auto functions, resulting in very stable velocities.

The Valken M17 paintball marker is available for under $300. It comes with an 18-round magazine and a CQC shroud with a quad Picatinny rail. This paintball gun also features a pressure release valve and a break-in period of 1,000 shots. The downside of this type of paintball gun is that it is dangerous to shoot on full auto, as you could cause a messy situation.

#3 AR Style paintball marker

4. Tippmann A5 Sniper Paintball Gun Kit

This is the real deal, fully stacked A-5! Tippmann A-5 is a high performance paintball marker with the patented Cyclone Feed System. The Cyclone Feed System Links the Feeder Sprocket to the Air System. The Faster you shoot, the faster the Tippmann A-5 feeds.

Pull the Trigger 15 times a second, and the Tippmann A-5 feeds 15 balls per second. The Tippmann A-5 is also easy to clean and maintain with its no tool field strip feature. Innovative technology, maximum firepower, unsurpassed accuracy and Tippmann durability are the core foundations of the all new Tippmann A-5. 

The A-5 can be field stripped AND re-assembled in less than 60 seconds without tools!

#4 AR Style paintball marker

5. First Strike T15 (Mag-Fed)

First Strike produces a number of AR-style paintball markers. The T15 is one of these models. It is designed to use a standard 19-round magazine but can also be operated with an optional 200-round hopper. In addition, the barrel of the T15 can rotate for easy access to a different size hopper. This model is also compatible with a variety of other accessories.

The First Strike T15 is an incredibly accurate reproduction of the AR15, or M4 assault rifle, made specifically for paintball. It has a number of features that make it an ideal paintball gun for military training and paintball games. It is First Strike Ready, has an internal air supply located in its buttstock, and is loaded via a magazine.

#5 AR Style paintball marker

6. Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100 (Mag Fed)

Planet Eclipse has decades of experience in manufacturing the most technologically advanced, the most heavily researched and the most extensively tested markers in the world. The result of all that knowledge, expertise and experience? Our first MagFed marker. 

The EMF100. Features MagFed and Loader Fed Configurations Spool Valve operation Gamma Core Drivetrain Compatible with DYE DTM Magazines Compatible with First Strike and Round Ball Projectiles Custom Mechanical 3-Way Valve Glass Reinforced Nylon Outer Composition Single Finger Hinge Frame 135psi Operating Pressure Soft-Touch Bolt with 3-Stage Bolt

#6 AR Style paintball marker

7. Tippmann TMC (Mag Fed)

The popular MagFed TMC maker is now available in a Low Impact .50 cal model. Go MagFed or traditional loader and get the best of both worlds in one awesome package. The TMC can be fully accessorized giving the player more unique options for Tactical Games, combining functionality with the world renowned Tippmann reliability for the next standard in MagFed Products.

#7 AR Style paintball marker

8. Tippmann TiPX Mag Fed Paintball Pistol (Mag-Fed)

The new Tippmann TiPX .68 Caliber Paintball Pistol boasts an innovative, compact design, specially engineered to be lightweight, easy to maintain, customizable, and best of all, dependable. The TPX pistol is the new standard in paintball sidearms. 

The new Tru-Feed Magazine uses a straight feed, low tension spring system that allows the player to use a wider variety of paint and is less affected by hot or humid conditions. Pair this pistol with the Remote Line Upgrade Kit and you can run this pistol off of a standard paintball tank instead of 12g cartridges, making you a force to reckon with on the field.

#8 AR Style paintball marker

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