The Absolute Best Empire Paintball Markers Guide

Empire Paintball guns are some of the best sellers on the market today. This line of paintball guns includes electronic markers that perform flawlessly in any position. They’re equally adept at long-range and short-range fighting, and they’re easy to use, even for new players. However, don’t be mistaken into thinking that these are beginner paintball guns – they are designed for competitive players.

These paintball guns are the perfect option for anyone looking for a great paintball experience. With features like a venting ASA regulator, an on/off lever, and a two-piece barrel, these paintball guns are perfect for paintball players of all skill levels. This paintball gun is also available with a full barrel kit, which is a great addition for players who want to customize their paintball gun.

As a leading manufacturer of paintball guns, Empire has been a force in the industry for over a decade. Its products include paintball guns, paintball masks, air tanks, hoppers, and clothing. However, it’s its paintball guns and gear that have helped make it one of the most popular brands in the industry. 

Types of Empire Paintball Guns

If you’re looking for a cheap paintball gun that still offers high performance, look no further than the Empire Paintball guns. Although it doesn’t have all of the extras found in higher-end models, it boasts a low profile, fast shooting, and ease of maintenance. Its price-to-performance ratio is great, and many players swear by its quality. It’s used by some of the top professional players in the world.

1. Empire Mini GS

The Empire Mini GS is an affordable and lightweight electro-pneumatic paintball gun that packs a lot of firepower into its compact frame. It is one of the best guns at its price point.

The Mini GS has an adjustable trigger, and its rubber grip helps it maintain its shape over time. With a few minutes of practice, this paintball gun will fire at speeds up to 293 ft/p.s. It also comes with a 45/4500 HPA paint tank. It is highly durable and has a minimum life of 100,000 paintballs. It is also affordable. It is not difficult to set up, and it has a great range.

Price: $424.99

The Empire Mini GS comes in many colors, so check them out HERE.

2. Empire axe 2.0 paintball gun

The Empire AXE 2.0 is a paintball gun with all of the features you would expect to find in a high-end paintball marker. The barrel provides the distance you’d find in a paintball sniper rifle, but it’s easy to use, shooting balls at a high rate. Compared to previous generations of Axe paintball guns, the new Axe is 10% lighter and offers increased accuracy and durability. It is also a low-pressure paintball gun capable of handling thin tournament paint. All of these features combine to make the Empire AXE 2.0 a paintball gun that is perfect for professionals.

Price: $549.99

The Empire Axe 2.0 comes in many colors, so check them out HERE.

3. Empire Axe

If you’ve ever wanted a paintball gun that fires as quickly and accurately as possible, then the Empire Axe is for you. Its modern shape and extended grip frame provide the ultimate comfort and shooting position. It also features an externally serviceable break-beam anti-choke laser eye. The Axe’s easy-to-remove bolt is simple to use and features a low-profile on/off lever. Other features of this paintball gun include a Driver XX barrel that provides increased accuracy and a perfect match between the ball and barrel. You can also enjoy multiple firing modes, including rapid fire, high-power, and low-pressure operation.

Price: $339.95

4. Empire Axe SYX 1.5 Competition

The most recent in Empire’s Axe line comes with many changes and similarities to that of the original. The SYX comes stock with a familiar inline poppet bolt system with an easier tool-less removal than the original. With a streamlined look, it comes with a comfortable full wrapping, rubber ridged foregrip and back grip for comfort with every hand size. Coming with a 2 piece, 14” .688 barrel with a 7.5”’ control bore, it has an increased accuracy to previous models. This marker will come with a necessary 9-volt battery for the upgraded redline board that is installed in the marker.

Price: $926.80

5. Empire Vanquish

The Empire Vanquish is a paintball gun that is ideal for the high-end gamer. The design makes it easy to carry and store. It also comes with a carry case that holds spare parts, tools, and O-ring kits. Another great feature is the easy removal of the bolt, which allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The Vanquish is a very durable paintball gun and is designed for the highest levels of competition.

The Empire Vanquish uses an internal airline to ensure consistent pressure output and a fast on-off system with a purge ASA. It also includes an internal pressure gauge, which is displayed on a clear OLED screen on the back of the rubber-covered foregrip. This is especially helpful for right-handed shooters. In addition to this, the Vanquish has a single screw throughout the gun’s design, a hinged body for easy access to the internals, and a digital operating pressure readout.

The Vanquish is one of the newest paintball guns from Empire. It’s design and features have improved over previous models, including the shot profile, engine pressure balanced airflow, and comfort. The Empire Vanquish also boasts a new single-button ejection system and an improved bolt system. This paintball gun is also compatible with computer software which makes the gun easy to maintain.

Price: $849.95

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